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Food for Thought, 10.31.17

This week’s articles for your reading/viewing pleasure! Why Should I Go to Church?: “I promise you that as many reasons as you might have not to go, there are even more reasons to trust God, commit, and go every week.” Breath of the Dolomites Timelapse: Creation points us to the Creator. from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Sunday Review, 10.29.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS It was a great morning celebrating the 500th year of the Reformation with a full choir and orchestra, and hearing a brief summery of each of the reformers who wrote the hymns chosen for the morning. We also watched this […]

Food for Thought, 10.24.17

This week’s articles are up! The Unique Gospel Power of a Spouse: “Yet, it is in this terrifyingly dark insecurity where I feel my wife’s intimacy with my shortcoming that a uniquely powerful gospel opportunity is born. It is because of this intimacy she has with my wickedness that gives her the ability to speak the […]

Sunday Review, 10.22.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Pastor Marc led us through John 2:13-25, helping us to see rightly the passion and zeal which caused Jesus to make a whip of cords and turn over tables in the temple, something we likely don’t expect from Jesus. You […]

Sunday Preview, 10.21.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Summary from Pastor Marc Goodwin: Many people, when they imagine Jesus, envision a mild-mannered, tranquil, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly type of man. But, as we’ll see in this week’s passage from the gospel of John (2:13-25), there was something that led Jesus to make a whip, flip over tables, and dump money out […]

Food for Thought, 10.17.17

Parents- Great encouragement and help from around the web this week! Mothering a Rebellious Heart: “I’m called to a work that cannot be accomplished on my own, but needs a power that only God can supply. And though I may be called to endure the disobedience of little people that I love fiercely, I know […]

Sunday Review, 10.15.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Dr. Matt Harmon helped us see the majesty and riches of Christ in looking at the first miracle he performed at a wedding that he attended.  You can listen to it, or download it, by going here: John: Wine Overflowing. […]

Sunday Preview, 10.13.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Summary from Dr. Matt Harmon: When I was a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of weddings. They seemed boring, and I didn’t like dressing up. But when I was in college and friends of mine started getting married, my opinion started to change. And of course, my own wedding […]

Wednesday Review, 10.11.17

Each Thursday during the school year, you can find the review sheet from the previous night’s Lost & Found and The Bridge children’s classes. Lost & Found review sheet from October 11th The Bridge review sheet from October 11th