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Food for Thought, 6.27.17

Your Tuesday afternoon reading material from around the web! Social Media Isn’t Your Teens’ Biggest Problem: “Yes, we must pay attention to social media. Yes, it’s wise to limit and monitor phone use. But doing so won’t fix our teens’ hearts. The only solution to a heart bent toward sin is repentance and trust in the gospel. In a […]

Food for Thought, 6.21.17

A few helpful articles from around the web! The Ordinary and the Extraordinary: “How God works in summer camps and conferences: This summer, may the Lord bless the faithful labors of parents, elders, teachers, and mentors who are daily and weekly leading young people to Jesus. And may he bless camps and conferences so that many […]

Food for Thought, 6.13.17

Great articles to check out from around the web this week! Leading Kids Beyond ‘Praying the Prayer’: “As you speak with your child about Jesus, God’s Word, and their relationship with God, there are several biblical values that should frame your approach to this ongoing conversation.” Expect More from Young Men: “Let’s adjust our vision first, […]

Food for Thought, 6.6.17

Some great articles for your week! One from our very own Dr. Matt Harmon! What If Unbelievers Aren’t Miserable?: “But what if the gospel isn’t to make happy people happier? Or even to make miserable people moderately happy? What if the gospel isn’t merely a means to meet our unmet needs? What if the good news […]

Food for Thought, 5.31.17

As Long As You Both Shall Live: “I had officiated weddings and performed funerals, but never had I done both for the same person.” Oh, the places they’ll “go”: “It had been a well-played prank and a great reminder not to be surprised at the places these dorm girls will “go”.” Stop Using Your Personality Test as […]

Food for Thought, 5.23.17

A great variety of helpful articles for your Tuesday reading! Parenting is Discipleship: “Parenting is the task of making disciples. Parenting is the task of discipling disciples.” 5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children: “Through my years of working with kids, five guiding principles helped me as a counselor, teacher, and especially as a mom. While not all methods […]

Food for Thought, 5.16.17

Bible Reading is an Art: “When your Bible reading seems unremarkable, or when it seems like you don’t have the skills or knowledge to grasp all of what’s there, remember that God’s work always runs deeper than we can see.” The Revolutionary Work of Motherhood: In such a society, it takes a peculiar courage and faith […]

Food for Thought, 5.9.17

Here’s some interesting and helpful articles for your Tuesday afternoon! The church of baseball: Bemidji native, former major leaguer Hickerson has fascinating past combining sport with ministry: An article about our very own, and former elder here, Bryan Hickerson! You can read a bit of his backstory and about what he’s up to in coaching baseball […]

Wednesday Review, 5.4.17

And that’s a wrap! Next Wednesday (5/10) is our Closing Night for this school year’s Lost & Found and The Bridge Wednesday night classes. But check back here, starting this fall, and we’ll continue posting the review sheets for you, in case they don’t make it home or to keep up if you miss a night. […]

Food for Thought, 5.2.17

Here’s some good reads for your Tuesday (or any!) afternoon! A Marriage Checklist How fiction can enrich your spiritual imagination: Interesting in light of of our current sermon series…this is geared toward seminary and college students entering summer break, but has good thoughts for all of us. Making All Things New: Inaugurated Eschatology for the Life […]