Sunday Review, 7.23.17

Below are some notes from our times together this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: FAMILY CAMP WISE-UP Though weather prevented families from actually being able to camp on-site at the church, lots of people were still able to participate in our event over the weekend. We were able to cook smores, sing songs […]

Food for Thought, 7.19.17

Great articles from around the web. Check them out! Do You Know How to Rebuke?: “We all need a steady diet of friendly course correction, because our hearts — even our new hearts in Christ — are still susceptible to sin.” Do You Need Help Reading Your Bible?: “If you only read this book [Reading […]

Sunday Review, 7.16.17

Below are some notes from our times together yesterday if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS We had the Royer family with us in our services, as they are transitioning to serving in Waukesha, Wisconsin this upcoming school year (doing much the same work they have been doing in Brazil). Here’s a thank-you video we […]

Food for Thought, 7.11.17

Helpful articles for you this week! Talking about sex with your kids: 5 things I’m learning: Really helpful content in this article for parents Sloth Doesn’t Just Mean Sleep: “…a sluggard doesn’t have to be a sleeper. While the Bible has sleep as the favorite past-time of the sluggard it also paints a broader picture. The […]

Sunday Review, 7.9.17

Sorry we missed last week’s “Sunday Review” post here on the blog, but below are some notes from our times together yesterday if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS We shared a video called “Words from the Wise,” featuring CCC member Tom Wallin. You can watch it here: Pastor Nate preached from Proverbs […]

Food for Thought, 7.5.17

Great articles this week from around the web….including one from Chris & Evie in the Pei Tribe! Panic attacks and what I’m learning along the way: “God’s timing is perfect, and he has used panic attacks as cords-of-kindness, to draw me to him and make me love him as I never could have imagined.” Don’t Just […]

Sunday Preview: 7.01.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Summary by Pastor Marc Goodwin: Have you ever been invited to two parties that were happening simultaneously and felt conflicted about which one to attend? There may be an appeal to both, but a decision must be made, right? That’s precisely what we’ll see this Sunday in Proverbs 9 – […]

Food for Thought, 6.27.17

Your Tuesday afternoon reading material from around the web! Social Media Isn’t Your Teens’ Biggest Problem: “Yes, we must pay attention to social media. Yes, it’s wise to limit and monitor phone use. But doing so won’t fix our teens’ hearts. The only solution to a heart bent toward sin is repentance and trust in the gospel. In a […]

Follow-Up Resource

In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Larry talked about preaching the gospel to ourselves as one way to guard our hearts from “heart hackers.” In the past we put together this handy printable resource to post on the fridge or use as a bookmark to help guide people through preaching the gospel to themselves. If it’s helpful to […]

Sunday Review, 6.25.17

  Yesterday, we had a great time of worship together and then many of us stuck around for our first ever “Lunch on the Lawn.” In case you weren’t able to join us on Sunday morning, here’s what you missed: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Pastor Larry preached from Proverbs 4, reminding us of our need to “guard […]