Food for Thought, 6.6.17

Some great articles for your week! One from our very own Dr. Matt Harmon! What If Unbelievers Aren’t Miserable?: “But what if the gospel isn’t to make happy people happier? Or even to make miserable people moderately happy? What if the gospel isn’t merely a means to meet our unmet needs? What if the good news […]

Sunday Review, 6.4.17

This weekend we had a wonderful time of worship together on Sunday morning. It was move-up Sunday for our children’s classes, new Life Education classes began, and we had our monthly prayer gathering Sunday evening. In case you weren’t able to join us on Sunday morning, here’s what you missed: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Pastor Marc shared […]

Sunday Preview, 6.4.17

This Sunday at CCC… Have you ever found yourself under-prepared for something really important? Maybe it was a presentation, a trip, an athletic event – but as it arrived, you realized that you were not even close to being ready for it. While we may be able to “wing it” or “make due” in those […]

Food for Thought, 5.31.17

As Long As You Both Shall Live: “I had officiated weddings and performed funerals, but never had I done both for the same person.” Oh, the places they’ll “go”: “It had been a well-played prank and a great reminder not to be surprised at the places these dorm girls will “go”.” Stop Using Your Personality Test as […]

Food for Thought, 5.23.17

A great variety of helpful articles for your Tuesday reading! Parenting is Discipleship: “Parenting is the task of making disciples. Parenting is the task of discipling disciples.” 5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children: “Through my years of working with kids, five guiding principles helped me as a counselor, teacher, and especially as a mom. While not all methods […]

Sunday Review, 5.21.17

Even though we had to cancel our Lunch on the Lawn due to rain on Sunday, it was still a great morning…In case you weren’t able to be with us for our time together yesterday, here’s what you missed: WORSHIP GATHERINGS We shared communion together, which is always a great time to remember and to […]

Sunday Preview, 5.19.17

This Sunday at CCC… What would you say is one of the hardest things about living in our fallen world? We experience plenty of daily frustrations of living in a world broken by sin and its effects, but probably one of the hardest things for most of us is the pain of being sinned against by other […]

Food for Thought, 5.16.17

Bible Reading is an Art: “When your Bible reading seems unremarkable, or when it seems like you don’t have the skills or knowledge to grasp all of what’s there, remember that God’s work always runs deeper than we can see.” The Revolutionary Work of Motherhood: In such a society, it takes a peculiar courage and faith […]

Sunday Review, 5.14.17

Over the weekend, we had wonderful times of worship together–with a celebration of moms and the baptism of two people as well! In case you weren’t able to be with us for our time together yesterday morning, here’s what you missed: WORSHIP GATHERINGS It was Mother’s Day Sunday! So we had cinnamon rolls to help […]

Sunday Preview, 5.12.17

This Sunday at CCC… At our church, “Lost & Found” isn’t just a place to search for misplaced items. It’s actually the name of our Wednesday evening program for children. We chose this name because of the very passage we’re going to look at together this Sunday during our worship services – Matthew 18:10-14. This story, best known […]