Food for Thought

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Food for Thought, 11.13.18

Why Sex is the Best Argument for Creation (and Against Evolution): Most people don’t realize how many powerful arguments there are for Biblical creation. But one argument is easily the best: Sex. 3 Reasons to Take Your Children to Funerals: “…in a fallen world we should seek every opportunity—even funerals—to disciple them and grow their confidence in […]

Food for Thought, 11.06.18

Some great articles from around the web! Cars, Coffee, Theology: A conversation with Tom Schreiner: “No karaoke. They are not comedians. But they are thoughtful guys who like talking about life and theology. Here’s the first episode with Tom Schreiner.” When You Hate Going to Work: “Work is not a call to meaning and significance so […]

Food for Thought, 10.23.18

Some great articles from around the web! Young Christian: Give the Lord a Lot to Work With: “The teens and twenties—these are years that can be put to very good use or that can be squandered. These are years that can form the firm foundation of a life well-lived or the unsteady foundation of a […]

Food for Thought, 09.04.18

Be a Missionary, Not a Marketer: Jesus Christ came to the utmost of sinners bearing the utmost hope. Do not expect marketing to bring them to you. Regret and Hope When a Child Goes to College: Last week, my wife and I dropped our firstborn off at college. I wasn’t prepared for the surprise attack of regret. […]

Food for Thought, 07.31.18

Seven Satanic Strategies: “The Dragon in Revelation has seven diadems (12:3). For James Jordan, these correspond to the seven names Satan has in the book, and thus to the different ways in which Satan attacks the Church:” Give Your Children All of Your Attention. Some of the Time.: “Your necessary distractions can actually help your […]

Food for Thought, 07.24.18

Kids and Technology: “Here’s a question I was asked most recently in South Africa, but which I’ve been asked all over the world: What can you say about that tricky relationship between kids and technology?” Parents, Sports, & Sunday: “By choosing sports over church involvement, what are you teaching your children about what you value […]

Food for Thought, 07.03.18

Thoughts from around the web for your week! Hope for People with Food Allergies: “It’s no mistake that sin began with food and that its abolition will culminate in the marriage supper of the Lamb.” Parents, Don’t Waste Your Lazy Summer Days: “Is it really such a bad thing to have wide open spaces in […]

Food for Thought, 06.26.18

Aging in Hope!: The hope of the resurrection lies at the heart of the way in which Christians embody the practices of growing old. Specific Ways You Can Pray for Your Pastor Baptism & The Lord’s Supper Explained: There are two questions that will help Christians understand baptism and the Lord’s Supper: what is the gospel, and […]

Food for Thought, 05.01.18

Better Together: “It is clear that men and women need each other if they are to accomplish the task God gave humanity to fill and subdue the earth, bringing glory to God in the process.” You Were Made to Play: “Productivity loses its power when we lose the ability to play. We’ve become too narrow to […]