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Food for Thought, 10.24.17

This week’s articles are up! The Unique Gospel Power of a Spouse: “Yet, it is in this terrifyingly dark insecurity where I feel my wife’s intimacy with my shortcoming that a uniquely powerful gospel opportunity is born. It is because of this intimacy she has with my wickedness that gives her the ability to speak the […]

Food for Thought, 10.17.17

Parents- Great encouragement and help from around the web this week! Mothering a Rebellious Heart: “I’m called to a work that cannot be accomplished on my own, but needs a power that only God can supply. And though I may be called to endure the disobedience of little people that I love fiercely, I know […]

Food for Thought, 10.10.17

Great articles this week on womanhood, raising up children, and God’s mercy in the gospel in the face of evil. Women, Insecurity, and the Self-Help Gospel: “When the majority of messages for women are about our beauty and self-worth, we gradually get the idea that Jesus came to earth and died simply to help us like […]

Food for Thought, 10.03.17

This week’s articles are up! 6 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Kids: “Why don’t we read the Bible one-on-one with our children? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give our children that best of memories? If you haven’t started such a practice, let me give you some guidance to start the ball rolling.” Jesus Didn’t […]

Food for Thought, 9.26.17

Encouragements to parents this week as you teach and disciple your children for His Kingdom. Should I Force My Teen to Go to Church?: “I would encourage you to make it a special point of concern to do everything in your power to get your kids to church and to make it an attractive time for […]

Food for Thought, 9.20.17

Helpful articles for your week from around the web. Life is Short: “Sooner or later the medicine will give up, the body will give in, and the heart will give out. But that doesn’t mean we are doomed to a life of morbid acquiescence. The Christian approach to death is realistic, hopeful, and clarifying.” Why are […]

Food for Thought, 9.12.17

This week’s articles are up! Check them out below! Six Situations That Aren’t Signs That Your Child Isn’t Saved: “Now to be clear, all of these traits could be visible in an unsaved child, but they are not strong indicators of a lack of salvation.” You Are Not Destined to Be Your Parents: “Parents have a […]

Food for Thought, 8.29.17

Check out this week’s articles- From the Flooded Grounds of Houston: “Christians, we should be at our best when affliction does its worst.” Fathers Have An Even Greater Influence on Their Daughters Than You May Realize: “Dads aren’t moms, it’s true. And that’s exactly why daughters need them.”

Food for Thought, 8.22.17

College students and parents, a couple of great articles for you this week: How to Stay Christian in College: “Those are my five exhortations as you head off to school. So much more can be said, but I really believe if you make these five things a priority, God will guide you to all the help […]

Food for Thought, 8.15.17

May you be encouraged and stirred up this week, even from seeing what the Lord is doing (first article), and remembering truth (second article)! A Special Work God is Doing in Mexico and Latin America: “May the special work God is doing in Mexico and Latin America shape and change us in Sovereign Grace so […]