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A weekly collection of articles from the web

Food for Thought, 8.8.17

Articles and resources for your life! How Can I Help My Child Grow as a Christian?: While she is in a church full of people who love her and who are teaching her faithfully, we recognize that the primary burden for her discipleship in these early years falls on us. Nine Promises of God Every Parent […]

Food for Thought, 8.1.17

Be encouraged this week…these articles will help lift your gaze to the One who intimately knows and understands. In Awe of Her God: “This weekend marks fifty years since the diving accident that left Joni Eareckson Tada with quadriplegia.” Even in Our Son’s Death, God Has Been Great and Good: “No expecting parent is ever […]

Food for Thought, 7.25.17

The death of reading is threatening the soul: A very interesting article How Do You Respond When Corrected?: A great article to go along with the sermon from two Sundays ago Mahaney on Biblical Productivity How do I know if my child is a Christian?: “As parents we do have some guidance in knowing if our […]

Food for Thought, 7.19.17

Great articles from around the web. Check them out! Do You Know How to Rebuke?: “We all need a steady diet of friendly course correction, because our hearts — even our new hearts in Christ — are still susceptible to sin.” Do You Need Help Reading Your Bible?: “If you only read this book [Reading […]

Food for Thought, 7.11.17

Helpful articles for you this week! Talking about sex with your kids: 5 things I’m learning: Really helpful content in this article for parents Sloth Doesn’t Just Mean Sleep: “…a sluggard doesn’t have to be a sleeper. While the Bible has sleep as the favorite past-time of the sluggard it also paints a broader picture. The […]

Food for Thought, 7.5.17

Great articles this week from around the web….including one from Chris & Evie in the Pei Tribe! Panic attacks and what I’m learning along the way: “God’s timing is perfect, and he has used panic attacks as cords-of-kindness, to draw me to him and make me love him as I never could have imagined.” Don’t Just […]

Food for Thought, 6.27.17

Your Tuesday afternoon reading material from around the web! Social Media Isn’t Your Teens’ Biggest Problem: “Yes, we must pay attention to social media. Yes, it’s wise to limit and monitor phone use. But doing so won’t fix our teens’ hearts. The only solution to a heart bent toward sin is repentance and trust in the gospel. In a […]

Food for Thought, 6.21.17

A few helpful articles from around the web! The Ordinary and the Extraordinary: “How God works in summer camps and conferences: This summer, may the Lord bless the faithful labors of parents, elders, teachers, and mentors who are daily and weekly leading young people to Jesus. And may he bless camps and conferences so that many […]

Food for Thought, 6.13.17

Great articles to check out from around the web this week! Leading Kids Beyond ‘Praying the Prayer’: “As you speak with your child about Jesus, God’s Word, and their relationship with God, there are several biblical values that should frame your approach to this ongoing conversation.” Expect More from Young Men: “Let’s adjust our vision first, […]

Food for Thought, 6.6.17

Some great articles for your week! One from our very own Dr. Matt Harmon! What If Unbelievers Aren’t Miserable?: “But what if the gospel isn’t to make happy people happier? Or even to make miserable people moderately happy? What if the gospel isn’t merely a means to meet our unmet needs? What if the good news […]