Sunday Preview, 01.18.19

This Weekend At CCC Sermon Summary from Pastor Larry McCall: Wouldn’t it have been great to have been there in Galilee when Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount? Wouldn’t it have been great to have been there in Judea when Jesus healed the blind man? I mean, what could be better than to have […]

Sunday Preview: 01.11.19

This Weekend at CCC… Sermon Summary from Pastor Marc Goodwin: The Witness Protection Program is something we’ve all heard of, but that we hope to never learn about first-hand. It’s an important program established several decades ago to provide protection to witnesses in court cases where they are under real or suspected threat of harm […]

Sunday Preview, 10.26.18

This Weekend at CCC… Sermon Summary from Pastor Larry McCall: It must have seemed as if dark clouds of confusion and uncertainty were looming over the small band of men gathered around Jesus in that upper room. Over the course of the evening Jesus had announced that a betrayer was among them. If that weren’t […]

Reformation Sunday Recap

If you aren’t aware, every Monday, we post an entry called the “Sunday Review” here on the church’s blog. In it, we share some of the basics about our worship services from that particular Sunday–for those who may have missed it. This week was no exception…But our worship service was a very unique one (Reformation […]

Wednesday Review, 10.11.17

Each Thursday during the school year, you can find the review sheet from the previous night’s Lost & Found and The Bridge children’s classes. Lost & Found review sheet from October 11th The Bridge review sheet from October 11th

Food for Thought, 8.15.17

May you be encouraged and stirred up this week, even from seeing what the Lord is doing (first article), and remembering truth (second article)! A Special Work God is Doing in Mexico and Latin America: “May the special work God is doing in Mexico and Latin America shape and change us in Sovereign Grace so […]

Food for Thought, 8.8.17

Articles and resources for your life! How Can I Help My Child Grow as a Christian?: While she is in a church full of people who love her and who are teaching her faithfully, we recognize that the primary burden for her discipleship in these early years falls on us. Nine Promises of God Every Parent […]

Follow-Up Resource

In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Larry talked about preaching the gospel to ourselves as one way to guard our hearts from “heart hackers.” In the past we put together this handy printable resource to post on the fridge or use as a bookmark to help guide people through preaching the gospel to themselves. If it’s helpful to […]

New Approach to the CCC Blog!

Beginning this week, we are going to start using the church’s blog with far more regularity. Our plan is to have several recurring weekly posts that will help us as a church family in various ways. Though there may be additional posts shared periodically, these are what you can expect on a weekly basis: A […]

Thoughts on the Election

November 8th, 2016 – a day that has captivated our country’s attention for the better part of a year – is right around the corner. And while every major election attracts the gaze of our nation, this one is just different. It seems like every day there is some piece of news that leads us […]