Get Connected

If you have been living on the fringes of church life and you’re ready to be more intentional and public about your involvement in Christ’s work here at CCC and around the world, then now’s the time to get involved.

A great place to start is our First Steps class in our Life Education ministry. This class will help you begin to know who we are and what we are about as a local church. Taking the class does not commit you to membership. In fact, we would ask that you take a few months to get to know us and to let us know you before making this important decision.

Out of the First Steps class, Life Groups are created. Life Groups typically consist of 10-15 members who meet together on a regular basis on various nights of the week. Some groups meet at the church, but most groups meet in homes. Groups are led by a Life Group facilitator to stimulate discussion and real life application of God’s Word. This is a practical way to get to know people in the church and grow deeper in your walk with Christ.

If you’re really ready to be committed, then Membership may be the next step! Here are a few things to know about Membership at Christ’s Covenant Church:

  • First, Membership is reserved for those who have their faith in Jesus Christ alone and have been baptized as believers in Jesus.
  • Second, Membership requires enrolling and completing the First Steps Class.
  • Third, Membership requires completing a Membership Application, which you can pick up at the church office. After receiving your completed application, one of the pastors or elders will contact you and set up a meeting to discuss Membership with you.
  • Finally, applicants become members following a vote by current members. We receive members into the fellowship twice a year, at our annual members meeting in February and at our semi-annual members meeting in August.

If you’re interested in belonging to Christ’s Covenant Church and have questions or would like to talk with a pastor, please contact Pastor Rod Valentine, our Pastor for Care & Community, at 574.267.8973 or at