Leadership Development (IMPACT)

IMPACT in 2014
This year’s IMPACT program will be postponed until the Fall of 2014. We’re currently working toward a multi-year “discipleship” plan that will likely culminate in a series of Wednesday evening classes and corresponding mentoring opportunities. We hope to finalize plans this spring in order to launch some things in September. If you have questions, please contact Gabe Tribbett at gtribbett@christscovenant.org.

What are distinguishing marks of a Christian leader? A head full of Christ-centered truth, a heart overflowing with the love of Christ, and hands that serve others in the name of Christ! At Christ’s Covenant Church, we believe it is our responsibility to holistically train and equip rising leaders within our local church for the work of the ministry.

IMPACT is a two year program designed to train and equip the whole person: head, heart, and hands! The goal of the program is to holistically equip members of our congregation with strong biblical foundations (intellectual maturity), observed ministry experience (practical application), and personal mentoring (character training).

Intellectual Maturity
Here we seek to build a biblically robust foundation while also conveying certain qualities and characteristics to be expected in future leaders. Basic classes required in the first year of this training include:

Practical Application
Ideally, after the first year of training, students will be given ministry responsibilities within their area of ministry proficiency (under direct supervision) in order to grow in their giftings. However, some occasions may lend themselves to earlier or later ministry involvement. During this time, character will continue to be targeted by the mentor, with possible assignments to aid in establishing biblical foundations for ministry; however, this season of training will give specific attention to coaching toward effective leadership.

Character Training
This is the area where seminaries often fail. IMPACT is designed to link each student with a personal mentor for soul care and accountability in order to shape character. This relationship consists of regular meetings focused on encouragement, prayer, coaching, accountability, and exhortation. The mentor is established first and remains a vital part of the student’s training throughout the duration of the program (18‑24 months).

Gabe Tribbett, Engaging His Word Director