“Joy to the world!”

We’ll hear this phrase countless times this month–in stores, on the radio, and likely from our very own lips. We’ll see it on ornaments, cards, and maybe even on advertisements. So as we approach Christmas this year, as a church family, we want to pause and consider what is being communicated in those simple lyrics. The birth of Jesus–His taking on of human flesh–took place in order for God to reconcile sinners to Himself and to bring eternal joy to those who had previously been under His judgment. But the scale of this joy, the magnitude of this gift, was not intended to be small; it was to be lavish and widespread! God sent Christ to bring joy to the world. Jesus was sent in order to become the Savior of people from all tribes, tongues, and nations! The good news of His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection has come to us; and for that we should rejoice! But we are to be part of taking that “good news of great joy” to those it has not yet reached and to those who have not yet believed. This Advent season, we hope you can join us as we revel in the gift of joy that we have received and as we remember together what a wonderful responsibility we’ve been given to be heralds of that message to the world.

As part of this series, we’ve put together a Advent Guide¬†that you can download!