Authentic change occurs when we commit ourselves to the application of sound teaching. This is where Life Education comes in. At Christ’s Covenant Church, we are committed to serving our people by offering Sunday morning classes that connect the truths of the Gospel to everyday life. After all, changing lives is what the Gospel is all about. Here is a list of classes currently offered:

Fall Life Education Classes (Sept. 6- Nov. 29, 2015)

Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

2 Peter & Jude
Dr. Matt Harmon | Room  112

The gospel has always been counter-cultural. Following the death and resurrection of Jesus, the early church encountered severe opposition and false teaching. In response, the Holy Spirit led the authors of 2 Peter and Jude to call believers to stand firm in the gospel. They were convinced that God preserves and protects His people, and that He expects His followers to persevere by remaining in His love, truth, and spiritual community. Today, we face many of the same challenges that seek to contradict the gospel and undermine our faith. Please join us as we discover, from the Scriptures, what it means to persevere in the true gospel in the midst of opposition and false teaching. Together, we will learn what the authors intended, as well as how their message is relevant for us today.

First Steps
Pastoral Staff | Room 114

* Only meeting on October 11, 18, 25, & November 1

If you are new to Christ’s Covenant Church, if you want to know more about the vision and structure of our church, or if you desire to become a committed member of our local body of believers, then we would like to invite you to attend our First Steps class. The purpose of the class is to introduce people to our church’s vision & core values. Participants will learn other steps they can take to be more actively involved at CCC, such as joining a Life Group, serving in different ministries, being baptized, and pursuing church membership.

The Ministries of Elijah & Elisha
Tim Witte & Gabe Tribbett  | Room  116

In a time of great apostasy in Israel, the Lord raised up a pair of prophets who called the nation back to faith. Elijah and his protégé Elisha were two of Israel’s most powerful prophets, anointed by the Holy Spirit, and commissioned during a time of national rebellion. Each week we’ll study an episode from their ministries, and see what God wanted to teach His people, and how that applies to us. We’ll also strive to unearth the truths of the gospel that are present in each passage. Please join us for this journey through 1-2 Kings with two amazing prophets of God.

College Class (for students only)
Pastor Kyle Brenneman | Room 118 | *Class only meets on September 13, 20, 27 & Oct. 4
For some of you, church has always been a part of your life. For others, the idea of going to church is new and sort of intimidating. Wherever you are on that spectrum, one question we don’t often ask ourselves is “What role should the church play in my life… particularly while I’m in college?” We’re going to take four weeks to work towards answering that question together. Learn more about what the church is, half-truths we believe about it, and what it really means to be a part of a church.

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Gabe Tribbett, Engaging His Word Director