Authentic change occurs when we commit ourselves to the application of sound teaching. This is where Life Education comes in. At Christ’s Covenant Church, we are committed to serving our people by offering Sunday morning classes that connect the truths of the Gospel to everyday life. After all, changing lives is what the Gospel is all about. Here is a list of classes currently offered:

Winter Classes (starting Dec. 3)

Pastor Larry McCall, Justin Hertzler, Tim Witte | Room 112
Raising kids? How about joining us in this new class aimed at helping parents with core issues in raising their children? We’ll be using Paul Tripp’s new book as a guide. It’s simply called Parenting, and you can read this from the book’s cover: “In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. Rather, we need the rescuing grace of God—grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents.” Please join us! Books are already available in the CCC Resource Room.

A Study in the Book of Galatians
Dr. Matt Hamon & John Sloat | Room  114
The gospel is not just how the Christian life begins. It is how we continue to live the Christian life. So it is crucial that we understand the gospel and how it should shape the way we live our lives. Galatians is one of the clearest explanations and applications of the gospel in the entire Bible. Whether you are a new believer or have known Christ for decades, Galatians has much to teach us about the gospel and how it applies to our everyday lives.

Christ In You
Stephen Liebsch & Team | Room  116
This class will be walking together through Brian Hedges’ helpful book, Christ Formed In You. The subtitle gives an idea of the focus for this class: The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change. The goal of sanctification is becoming more and more like Jesus in our character and in our priorities. But, how does that happen in real life? Those who get involved in this class should find hope and help as they learn in practical ways how to apply the gospel to their own life situation. You can find the book for this class at a discount in the CCC Resource Room.

The Fellowship
Kevin DeGraff & Andy Bass | Room  118
This class is a Bible-based, relationally oriented group of people who gather on Sunday mornings to pray for one another and to encourage and challenge one another with God’s truths. During December, The Fellowship will continue to work through Gene Getz’s best- selling book, Building Up One Another. Class participants will go on a journey together studying “one another” commands in the New Testament (such as “honor one another,” “accept one another,” and “serve one another”), discussing practical ways to live out those commands in our own lives and in the life of our church. In January, The Fellowship will begin discussing together how to live out various spiritual disciplines in daily life.

Pastor Larry McCall