Andy & Sara Royer

Mission Location: Peniel Bible Institute in Jacutinga, Brazil
Sending Agency: New Tribes Mission
Family on the Field: Miles, Jack, & Jude

Our Missionaries: Andy & Sara have had a stirring in their hearts to be involved in God’s work overseas for many years. With this desire in mind, Andy enrolled in seminary 13 years ago and completed a Master of Divinity in Intercultural Studies, serving in pastoral ministry for the past 10 years. It has been their desire to see the light of the gospel dawn among nations who are still in darkness. Until recently they have been living that out from their home in Indiana. But Andy was offered a position at Peniel Bible Institute in Brazil, his home country, through New Tribes Mission, and the family followed God’s calling, relocating to Brazil in December 2013.

Their Mission: The Royers have been serving at Peniel Bible Institute for over a year now. This center trains Brazilians for church planting ministry among indigenous tribal peoples of Brazil. It is located about three hours north of Sao Paulo near the small town of Jacutinga. Andy’s responsibilities are mainly training men and women to understand and teach God’s Word and grow in character that reflects Christ. These trained people will then move into tribal groups, where they learn unwritten languages, write an alphabet and dictionary, and translate the Scriptures into their language. The end goal is to raise up indigenous pastors and leaders who will lead their own churches.

How to Be Involved
PRAY: Pray for the Royer family as they serve at Peniel Bible Institute, that God would give them fruitfulness in the school classroom and in their relationships. Pray for their safety and for their health, specifically for Sara that God would grant her continued healing. Pray for wisdom for their future plans and for joy in the day-to-day tasks, that God would be their strength.
ENCOURAGE: Andy’s birthday>> July 14 | Sara’s birthday>> April 8 | Anniversary>> January 6 | Miles’ birthday>> May 2 | Jack’s birthday>> June 12 | Jude’s birthday>> July 3
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