Nate McLaurin

As the Lead Pastor, Nate provides leadership to the entire church in its mission of making and teaching disciples of Christ, casting vision for the church, leading his fellow pastors, and ensuring that the various parts of the church are being led biblically.

Nate joined the CCC staff in March 2008 and was responsible for leadership development within the local church before he accepted the executive position, so he continues to participate in IMPACT training as well as take on some occasional preaching. Nate is a graduate of North Greenville College in Greenville, South Carolina, which he considers “home.” It was here in the beautiful south that he met his wife Robyn, and the two have a lively household of five kids, Abby, Katelyn, Abrianna, Kai, and Liam. One truth that Nate desires the people at CCC to embrace is the goodness of God’s creation (even in its fallen state), so as to blur the line of “secular” and “sacred.” It’s all sacred because it’s all God’s! So whether we eat or drink (coffee!), paint or write poetry, sing or sit in silence, it’s all to His glory!