At CCC, we believe a reading church is a growing church, and we want to encourage our people to read spiritually challenging, gospel-centered books. In fact, you will often hear our pastors refer to books on certain subjects from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. We want to try to make these and other resources readily available to our people, so here are a few ways you can find good books.

Resource Center
CCC has a great Resource Center just off the main lobby. You’ll find all sorts of books, CDs, sermon sets, and more to help aid you in your walk with Christ, with topics ranging from missions to parenting, from leadership to marriage, and much more. We do our best to find good deals on items so that we can offer quality resources at low prices. Our Resource Center is open on Sunday mornings during and after the services and during normal business hours throughout the week.

CCC Library
The CCC Library is located off the lobby adjacent to the Resource Center. You’ll find many of the same books offered in our Resource Center, as well as a selection of commentaries and reference material and many family & children’s DVDs. Items are available to our church body to be checked out for free. The Library is open on Sunday mornings during and after the services and during normal business hours throughout the week. Instructions for checking out materials and guidelines for returning items are posted in the library.

Other Resources

  • Recommended Reading List: Looking for your next book to read? Interested in books on a specific topic? Check out our Recommended Reading List for books on topics such as Gospel Living, Spiritual Disciplines, Missions, Evangelism, Parenting, and Marriage
  • Bible Reading Guides and Helps: If you’re looking for a Bible reading plan or resources to help in studying the Bible, this is a good start! You’ll find links to several different reading plans and websites to aid you in your growth in God’s Word.
  • Articles & Publications: Our Leadership Team members often write articles or publications to aid our church body in growth on a particular subject. Visit our Articles page to find summaries and downloadable articles on various topics.