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The Ultimate Destiny of Our Church

Revelation 21-22:5 Let’s pretend for a few minutes that you are basically unfamiliar with the Bible – not that different from many people we rub shoulders with everyday at our work, school and community. The only things you know about heaven are from TV programs, movies, best selling books, peoples’ posts on social media, and cartoons. […]

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A People For God’s Own Possession

Genesis – Revelation Throughout redemptive history, God intended to create a people who would reflect His beauty and live joyfully under His kind and sovereign rule. As we read the Old Testament, we see that God’s people repeatedly fail because of their sin, but God promises a a new covenant people who will fulfill this. […]

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Remember Whose You Are

Romans 6:1-7 Join Pastor Larry McCall in Romans 6. What hope and help we find in “Remembering Whose we are!” Sin doesn’t own us anymore. It has no claims on our life. By God’s amazing grace, we’ve been transferred to the kingdom of Christ. We belong to Him! It is God’s grace that empowers us to […]

07-20-14 sermon


Acts 28:1-10 Anybody else terrified of snakes? Acts 28:1-10 records an encounter the apostle Paul had with a viper on the shore of Malta and how God used him to heal countless people on that island. Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as he gives us hope as followers of Jesus as we face pain, suffering, and death […]

07-20-14 sermon

Stay With the Ship!

Acts 27 The Bible contains some well-known, real-life “adventure” stories. Many people have heard the stories of David and Goliath or Daniel in the lions’ den. Our passage for this coming Sunday (Acts 27) is an exciting, real-life adventure story that involves a ship caught in a storm, fighting for survival on the sea and […]