Sermons by Dr. Matt Harmon

One Book: Jude

Contending for the Faith So much of our experience of life is shaped by our expectations. We’ve all seen a movie or TV show that people have told us is great, only to be disappointed. Often the same is true with relationships, jobs, and so many other areas of life. It’s also true of the […]

One Book: Zechariah

Zechariah: The Promised King & His Kingdom Things don’t always work out like we hope. Whether it is something we buy, an experience we have, or even a relationship, sometimes our hopes are disappointed. The disappointment may be small, like a movie that wasn’t as good as we had hoped or a new piece of […]

One Book: Isaiah

Isaiah: Singing the Servant’s Song When it comes to reading the Bible, one of the most challenging areas of Scripture is the major & minor prophets. These books may seem like they’re full of gloom & doom (and they are!), but God has so much to teach us through the words & warnings of the prophets, who […]

One Book: Judges

Judges: God’s People Need a King Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Maybe you can’t quite break a certain habit or you just feel like something needs to be changed up. We all face times in our lives when we’re stuck in rut, and it can be very frustrating. The Israelites were stuck […]

A Proven Servant

Philippians 2:19-24 When you think back on your spiritual journey, who were the people God used to encourage you in the faith? Your parents? Maybe a teacher or a pastor? A grandparent? A close friend? Most believers can think of at least one or two people who were instrumental in their Christian growth. In Philippians […]

A People For God’s Own Possession

Genesis – Revelation Throughout redemptive history, God intended to create a people who would reflect His beauty and live joyfully under His kind and sovereign rule. As we read the Old Testament, we see that God’s people repeatedly fail because of their sin, but God promises a a new covenant people who will fulfill this. […]

Will We Acknowledge Him?

Psalm 1 Join us as Dr. Matt Harmon introduces our new sermon series, “Worthy: A Study in Psalms.” In it, he’ll be showing how Psalm 1 describes a “worthy life” and how Psalm 2 describes a “worthy king,” helping us see how our worthy King (Jesus) lived that worthy life—and how we are called to […]