Sermons by Pastor Marc Goodwin (Page 6)

One Book: Proverbs

Proverbs: Finding Wisdom in the Information Age In the age of Google & smart phones, we can be tempted to think we’re smarter than we really are. We have access to unlimited knowledge and unending data, but do we have wisdom? The book of Proverbs is full of principles for life, but it’s MUCH more than […]

Advent: HOPE

Advent: HOPE The Christmas season is often marked by a light-hearted, holly-jolly, celebratory attitude — at least that’s how it’s portrayed in many TV shows, commercials, songs, and movies. But the truth is that lots of people find Christmas to be a stressful time, a time of sadness, even depression. As Christians, is our holiday different? Should it […]

One Book: Leviticus

Leviticus: Approaching God on His Terms Countless well-intentioned plans to read through the Bible have been dashed upon the rocks of Leviticus. Many epic stories in Genesis & Exodus — creation, the fall, the flood, the exodus — give way to chapter upon chapter of legal code, God’s laws for the people of Israel and […]

Dear Church, Love Again.

Revelation 2:1-7 Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as we start our 7-week journey through Revelation 2 & 3, the seven letters that Jesus wrote (through John) to seven churches of the late first century and to churches of today, by extension. Today’s stop: the church at Ephesus. We will see that Jesus commends the church at Ephesus for […]

Grace: Beginning to End

Philippians 4:21-23 Can you think of any famous sign-off lines in the last century? Some simple, legendary ones include Paul Harvey, the radio broadcaster who told “the rest of the story” and ended with “Good day!” Dick Clark always said “For now, Dick Clark, so long.” News anchor Walter Kronkite noted, “And that’s the way it is.” Some […]

Heart Murmur

Philippians 2:14-18 Do you know people who like to complain? Are you a person who likes to complain? Whether we realize it or not, we probably all complain about something on a regular basis. But in Philippians 2, Paul commands believers not to grumble or complain, and he gives several reasons why this ought not […]

What Color is Dis-Stress?

Philippians 1:12-18 Have you ever faced undesirable circumstances in your life and wondered what God was doing? At some point, all of us face trials or suffering — we live in a fallen world full of fallen people. In Philippians 1, we find the Apostle Paul facing undesirable circumstances in Rome—both from the government and from fellow […]