Spring Classes (starting March 21, 6:30 p.m.)

The Book of Ephesians Bible Study (women only)
taught by women’s team | Room 112
This group is devoted to helping women grow in their ability to study the word of God. An inductive study through the book of Ephesians will be used by participants during the week. Then, when they gather together, there will be a time of teaching, discussion, and prayer. This study will be similar to the one that took place in the fall, but we are seeking to have more consistent small groups and more intentional and interactive time within those groups at the weekly gathering. The book of Ephesians is a wonderful letter than will help women grow in their understanding of God’s grace and their identity in Christ. All women are welcome and can sign up at the Welcome Center, beginning in mid-January. This study will also be offered on Wednesday mornings at 9:15 a.m. on the same weeks.

Preparing for Marriage
taught by Pastor Marc Goodwin | Room 114
This class is designed for those who are engaged to be married, or expect to be soon. While those who take this class will still be encouraged to meet with a pastor (or mature Christian couple) to receive more personalized pre-marital counseling prior to their wedding, taking this class would be a wonderful complement to that counseling. Using the book Tying the Knot by Bob Green as a framework for the class, we’ll cover topics such as problem-solving, communication, and finances, among others. This class will help lay healthy groundwork for conversation and preparation to come, as you work toward a Christ-honoring life together as a married couple.

Church History
taught by Tom Wallin | Room 116
This class began some months ago, studying the history of the Protestant Reformation and will continue seeing God’s providence in the history of the church. During this next short session, the church history class will be looking at key elements of church history over the last 100 years or so, including 20th century Roman Catholicism, the church and Islam, Pentecostalism, and Reformed churches. Even if you were not in this class previously, you are welcome to join for this next quarter. This class will benefit from 23-minute video lessons taught by Dr. Robert Godfrey, bringing to light the stories of those who were used of God in proclaiming his truth over the years.

IMPACT: How to Teach the Bible
taught by Pastor Larry McCall | Room 118
Over a period of four sessions (3/21, 3/28, 4/18, and 4/25), we will explore answers to such crucially important questions as “What is biblical preaching and teaching?” “Why bother teaching the Bible?” “What do I focus on when I teach/preach?” “How do I prepare my lesson/sermon?” and “How can I grow in my ability to faithfully and effectively deliver God’s Word?” Lord willing, this class will be helpful to those who teach Sunday School classes of all ages, Life Education classes, Life Groups, women’s Bible studies, men’s Bible studies, evangelistic Bible studies as well as those who have aspirations to preach God’s Word in local churches and other settings.

Pastor Larry McCall