Fall Classes (starting Sept.6)

The Book of James (women only)
taught by Gladine McCall | Room 112
This group will be devoted to helping women experience the joy of spending time in God’s Word, finding delight in hearing Him speak through His Word, and encouraging one another in Christ as we go on this journey together. The focus will be the Book of James. Please sign up at the Welcome Center in the CCC lobby or email the church office (office@christscovenant.org) to ensure materials are ordered. (Note: This study will also be held on Thursday mornings, led by Barb Settle.)

The History of the Protestant Reformation
taught by Tom Wallin | Room 114
Did you know that this October marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation? Our world today has been profoundly shaped by events that occurred in the 1500’s. Though shifts in economics, government and culture were all significant, all other changes pale in light of the powerful renewal of biblical Christianity that happened in that era. Faithful Christian leaders like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others boldly communicated the light of the gospel into the darkness of their age. This class will benefit from video lessons taught by Dr. Robert Godfrey, bringing to light the stories of those who were used of God in proclaiming his truth, bringing about the Reformation. Come get better informed about our spiritual heritage!

Loving Your Wife as Christ Loved the Church (men only)
taught by Pastor Larry McCall | Room 116
Nearly every man who has a driver’s license had someone teach him how to drive a car. Yet, very few married men have ever had another man “coach” them in how to be a husband. Men, are you feeling challenged in your crucially important role of husbanding your wife? Good news: we all have the Perfect Mentor in Jesus Christ who shows us how to love our wives as He loves His bride, the church. In this class, Pastor Larry will lead the group in exploring how Christ loves His bride and how, by the power of the gospel, we men can follow him in loving our own wives. This class offers help and hope for married men and men preparing for marriage.

IMPACT: Gospel Centrality
taught by Pastor Nate McLaurin | Room 118
The message of God’s saving work in Jesus Christ is the central story of the Bible, and it is also the means by which we change. Join us for Gospel Centrality as we explore the main message of the Bible to gain a greater understanding of how it also shapes our lives as God’s people. It’s a matter of first importance! This class is in partial fulfillment of the IMPACT Program, or for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel and the difference it makes in everyday life.

Pastor Larry McCall