Posts from October 2014

Responsibilities of Church Members

Experience tells most of us that we are far quicker to embrace the benefits of being part of a group of people than we are to embrace the responsibilities placed upon us in return.  As children, we love being showered with gifts by our parents, but we bristle when we are told to make our […]

What Do Pastors Do All Day?

Our well-worn copy has obviously been around for awhile. Richard Scarry’s best-selling book for children “What Do People Do All Day?” was a favorite when our “kids” were kids. Over and over again, I’d read it to them when they weren’t quite old enough to read it themselves. Now I have the privilege of reading […]

New Proposed Bylaws

We have just posted our new proposed Bylaws. Copies will be available on Sunday, but you can download them here. We will be having a special business meeting on November 9 to pray together and vote on these Bylaws. Here’s a letter from the pastors about the process thus far as well as the revisions that […]

A 4-Step How-To for Maintaining Unity

A couple weeks ago I preached on the priority God places upon unity within churches – unity with Christ and unity with one another. Because of what God has already done, we are called to “make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit (Eph. 4:3).” But what are some specific ways we can […]