Posts from November 2016

One Book: 2 Thessalonians

Ever been part of a conversation that moves from weighty topics to trivial ones? That sort of dramatic shifting of conversational gears can leave you scratching your head, wondering how you could cover such diverse topics in a single discussion. The book of 2 Thessalonians feels sort of like that– starting with fiery language about […]

One Book: The English Bible

We are swimming in Bibles. Many, if not most of us, have multiple copies at home. We have Bibles on our phones. We can access it online. But it hasn’t always been that way. And the story of how the Bible came into the English language is both fascinating and inspiring. Join us this Sunday […]

One Book: 1 Thessalonians

Author Randy Alcorn once said “Being oblivious to eternity leaves us experts in the trivial and novices in the significant.” How many of us live with a sort of spiritual myopia, where all we are focused on is what’s right in front of us? We lose sight of eternity, and that loss affects our daily […]

One Book: Colossians

Did you know we were created to worship God? But even the best of people can make categorical mistakes on what and how to worship. In the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, the apostle John falls down at the feet of an angel and begins to worship him. In response, the angel says, […]

Thoughts on the Election

November 8th, 2016 – a day that has captivated our country’s attention for the better part of a year – is right around the corner. And while every major election attracts the gaze of our nation, this one is just different. It seems like every day there is some piece of news that leads us […]