Posts from January 2017

One Book: Philemon

As anyone who’s lived long enough knows, relationships can take a turn for the worst. Even as Christians, we can be hurt by other people. Or, even worse, we can be the ones who cause the hurt. So what is the proper Christian response to relationships that take a turn for the worst? This Sunday, […]

One Book: Titus

Many people love the hymn “Amazing Grace.” It’s a beautiful song musically, but more so, it places the entirety of the Christian life under the heading of “grace.” Its first and most famous verse talks about how God’s grace “saved a wretch like me,” but the verses that follow remind us that God’s grace has […]

One Book: 2 Timothy

Can you imagine a father calling his son to “share in suffering for the gospel”? It’s a whole lot easier to imagine a father counseling his son, “Get a good education. Get a good job. Settle down. Have a family. Enjoy life!” But, challenging your son to “come suffer with me for the sake of […]

One Book: 1 Timothy

Timothy is one of those guys who lurks in the background of the New Testament. His name appears in so many different places – as part of the narrative in Acts, one who delivered letters for Paul, or even as a co-author of sorts. But two of the New Testament letters were written to him. […]

Our Mission Ahead

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year, which, for many of us, is a time of reflection. We look back over the past year to evaluate our lives, and we look to the future with resolve to make positive changes for the days ahead. This Sunday, we as a church would like to do […]