Posts from February 2017

One Book: 2 Peter

If you were facing death in the near future, and you could write one last letter to people that you love, what would you write? You would probably fill the pages with sentimentality, encouragement, and well-wishes. Well, when the apostle Peter had a chance to write such a letter, he included a little bit of […]

One Book: 1 Peter

Have you ever been tempted as a Christian to respond to others in ways you may regret later? A person steals your parking space. A coach verbally assaults your kid in front of hundreds of people at a little league game. Someone you love betrays you. Being a Christian in those times in not easy. […]

One Book: James

An author recounted an experience from his childhood where he’d told his father that he wanted to be a writer and then experienced a bit of a letdown when his dad said, “Here’s your pencil.” To say we are something is one thing. For our lives to demonstrate it is another. This week we’re up […]

One Book: Hebrews

On Twitter this week, a well-known Christian leader asked, “If you were to be stranded on a desert island the rest of your life and could only have two printed books of the Bible, which ones would you choose?” The book of Psalms? Proverbs? Maybe one of the Gospels? Would you consider Hebrews? As we […]