Posts from March 2017

One Book: Jude

So much of our experience of life is shaped by our expectations. We’ve all seen a movie or TV show that people have told us is great, only to be disappointed. Often the same is true with relationships, jobs, and so many other areas of life. It’s also true of the Christian life. Many who […]

One Book: 3 John

There is no greater joy for parents than seeing their children walk in the truth! We hear this same sentiment from 3 John, as John, the Elder, expresses his deep appreciation for Gaius, a child in the faith who is walking in the truth. Join us as we are shaped by God’s Word together.

One Book: 2 John

Would you rather be part of a church marked by truth or part of a church marked by love? In our current culture, most people – even Christians – would say that we have to choose, that truth and love are somehow oppositional. Well, this Sunday at Christ’s Covenant Church we’ll be looking at the […]

One Book: 1 John

When it comes to God’s evaluation of us, how are we supposed to feel? Do we have to anxiously wait until that final day of judgment to know whether we are on good terms with Him, or are there ways that we can have genuine assurance in the mean time? Join us as we dive […]