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John: Wine Overflowing

Generally, kids aren’t big fan of weddings. They seem boring and require dressing up and being quiet. But often as our friends start getting married or we consider marriage ourselves, our opinions change! This week we will look at John 2:1-12, where Jesus attends a wedding. Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose this setting […]

Sunday Preview, 10.13.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Summary from Dr. Matt Harmon: When I was a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of weddings. They seemed boring, and I didn’t like dressing up. But when I was in college and friends of mine started getting married, my opinion started to change. And of course, my own wedding […]

Food for Thought, 10.10.17

Great articles this week on womanhood, raising up children, and God’s mercy in the gospel in the face of evil. Women, Insecurity, and the Self-Help Gospel: “When the majority of messages for women are about our beauty and self-worth, we gradually get the idea that Jesus came to earth and died simply to help us like […]

Sunday Review, 10.08.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Pastor Larry led us ing exploring the rich encounters that both Philip and Nathanael had with Jesus- from “follow me” to “come and see.”  You can listen to it, or download it, by going here: John: Come & See. Each […]

John: Come & See

What’s your normal reaction when a friend or family member says excitedly, “Hey, you’ve gotta see this!” Don’t we naturally lean in to see what’s bringing such excitement? In John 1:43-51, we read the story of Philip meeting Jesus. Jesus said simply, “Follow me,” and Philip did. But, do you know what else Philip did? […]

Food for Thought, 10.03.17

This week’s articles are up! 6 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Kids: “Why don’t we read the Bible one-on-one with our children? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give our children that best of memories? If you haven’t started such a practice, let me give you some guidance to start the ball rolling.” Jesus Didn’t […]

Sunday Review, 10.01.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERINGS Our partner spotlight for the morning was Heartline Pregnancy Center. During each of the services we heard from our very own Katie Jacobson, a client advocate at Heartline, describing the services they offer, sharing about ways to be involved through […]