Posts from December 2018

Advent 2018: Joy to the Lord

This Advent season, as a church family, we’ve been looking in Scripture to see how God sent Christ to bring “joy to the world.” A question that’s important to ask, if Jesus is supposed to bring us joy (but that we might not think to ask), is whether He experienced joy in His own life? […]

Advent: Good News of Great Joy

How would you fill in the blank: “I think I would be truly happy if ________.” Most of us don’t have too much trouble coming up with something – a change in a relationship, better health, a more enjoyable job, or maybe more financial security. But are any of those things it? Do any of those […]

Advent: The Cost of Incarnation

Join us as we are challenged by Chris Jones, who has been working alongside his wife Evie and their team with the Pei people of Papua New Guinea the last several years. Chris will share with us from Philippians 2:3-11 about “The Cost of Incarnation,” helping us to see the price Christ paid to come […]

Food for Thought, 12.04.18

What Can You Do to Get in the Game?: We experience salvation and a relationship with God today because Jesus was selfless. Becoming Your Grandchildren’s Church: Four Prayers for the Church’s Next Generation: When God’s people gather together for worship, the next generation’s eyes are wide open. Am I Alone in This? Celebrating Family-Centered Holidays Without a […]

Sunday Review, 12.02.18

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us: WORSHIP GATHERING Pastor Marc kicked off our Advent series, Joy to the World, by sharing God’s Word with us from Psalm 67. You can listen to it, or download it, by going here: Advent 2018: Joy to the World.  Each Sunday, we […]

Advent: Joy to the World

Joy to the World. We’ll hear this phrase countless times this month – in stores, on the radio, and likely from our very own lips. We’ll see it on ornaments, cards, and maybe even on advertisements. As a church family, we want to pause as we approach Christmas and consider what is being communicated in […]