A portion of Scripture perfectly suited for the path on which we find ourselves

Right now, we live in a time where we are longing to be with God’s people again, to worship Him together. Yet we have to wait for that, don’t we?

So in this season of unknown length, we are going to begin teaching from a portion of Scripture you may not be familiar with, but which is perfectly suited for God’s people in a time like this: the Psalms of Ascent.

The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) were songs that God’s people would sing each year as they made the long journey up to the city of Jerusalem for their festivals. As they sang these songs, they were looking forward to fellowship with other people of God whom they hadn’t seen in a while. But more than that, they were anticipating drawing near to God at the temple to worship Him and celebrate with one another.

These psalms express longing, hope, joy, and struggle. They will help us give voice to our own experiences and emotions, and they will point our eyes to the right place and the right Person as we walk along this strange path.



Worship Guides: To find the Worship Guides each Sunday, you can go to christscovenant.org/worship

Playlist: We’ve created a playlist of songs that either derive from, or pair well with, the psalms of ascent, you can access that by going to: sptfy.com/diwm

Scripture Memory: We’d encourage you to memorize Psalm 130:5-6 in the weeks ahead. Here are two graphics you could potentially use to help (one for kids and one for adults). Click on them to access the full size file.