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Sunday Preview: 06.23.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Summary by Pastor Larry McCall: How many different accounts do you think you have passwords to? We have passwords for our bank accounts, for companies where we shop online, for our medical information, for our email accounts, for social media accounts…and on and on it goes. Why is that? Why […]

Sunday Preview: 6.11.17

This Sunday at CCC… It’ s hard to believe we’ll be wrapping up our series on the parables this Sunday! Though there are many more parables we could explore, it’s fitting that we end with a parable that reminds us of the best place we can be with God – forgiven! Forgiveness is something we all […]

Sunday Preview, 6.4.17

This Sunday at CCC… Have you ever found yourself under-prepared for something really important? Maybe it was a presentation, a trip, an athletic event – but as it arrived, you realized that you were not even close to being ready for it. While we may be able to “wing it” or “make due” in those […]

Sunday Preview, 5.19.17

This Sunday at CCC… What would you say is one of the hardest things about living in our fallen world? We experience plenty of daily frustrations of living in a world broken by sin and its effects, but probably one of the hardest things for most of us is the pain of being sinned against by other […]

Sunday Preview, 5.12.17

This Sunday at CCC… At our church, “Lost & Found” isn’t just a place to search for misplaced items. It’s actually the name of our Wednesday evening program for children. We chose this name because of the very passage we’re going to look at together this Sunday during our worship services – Matthew 18:10-14. This story, best known […]

Sunday Preview, 5.05.17

This Sunday at CCC… In November of 1986, the Chicago Tribune covered a story that quickly gained national attention as a once-in-a-lifetime deal.  Brothers Jonathan and Stephen Whetstine (ages 11 and 4) each gave their dad $5 to buy them a sapphire. Their father, Roy Whetstine, was a gem dealer who had an eye trained […]

Sunday Preview, 4.20.17

This Sunday at CCC… Growing up, we likely all heard stories that were intended to teach a lesson. Think of “The Tortoise and the Hare” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Those stories weren’t intended to teach us about a slow turtle, a fast rabbit, or the dietary habits of wolves. Rather they were intended […]

Sunday Preview, 4.21.17

This Sunday at CCC… We are really excited to have Sean Taylor, a student at Sovereign Grace’s Pastors College, preach in our worship services this Sunday. He will be preaching from Romans 1:8-15 about Pursuing Grace-Filled Growth. Sean and his family are from Jamaica and are hoping to be part of a team to plant a church back […]

Sunday Preview, 4.14.17

This Sunday at CCC… Sermon Preview from Pastor Marc Goodwin: Every Sunday that we gather for worship as a church family is a reminder that Jesus was raised from the dead early one Sunday morning long ago. And while we want every Sunday of the year to be one where we celebrate the death and […]

Family Life Blog Moving

Starting Monday, April 10, the content normally found on our Family Life blog will now be found here at the CCC’s main blog–along with some additional posts each week that aren’t family-related. The content that has been on our Family Life blog previously will remain there indefinitely, but any new posts will be found here […]