Food for Thought, 5.2.17

Here’s some good reads for your Tuesday (or any!) afternoon! A Marriage Checklist How fiction can enrich your spiritual imagination: Interesting in light of of our current sermon series…this is geared toward seminary and college students entering summer break, but has good thoughts for all of us. Making All Things New: Inaugurated Eschatology for the Life […]

Sunday Review, 4.30.17

Over the weekend, we began a new series of sermons on the parables of Jesus, which we are calling “Snapshots of the Kingdom.” For seven weeks, we’ll look at some of the parables Christ used to teach His disciples and that He continues to use to teach us today…In case you missed our time together […]

Sunday Preview, 4.20.17

This Sunday at CCC… Growing up, we likely all heard stories that were intended to teach a lesson. Think of “The Tortoise and the Hare” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Those stories weren’t intended to teach us about a slow turtle, a fast rabbit, or the dietary habits of wolves. Rather they were intended […]

Food for Thought, 4.25.17

Each Tuesday, you’ll find articles with a variety of topics to sharpen and encourage you as you follow Jesus. Check out the articles below! The first is by a former CCC’er!! How Brainy Women Benefit the Church: “More than simply allowing for a category of the intelligent female, the Scriptures actively encourage women to develop their […]

Sunday Review, 4.23.17

This past weekend was full of activity around the church! Whether you were able to participate in all of it, part of it, or were out of town, you can review all of the happenings by checking out the links below: SATURDAY’S ART GALA On Saturday, we had our ninth annual Art Gala Mission Fundraiser! […]

Sunday Preview, 4.21.17

This Sunday at CCC… We are really excited to have Sean Taylor, a student at Sovereign Grace’s Pastors College, preach in our worship services this Sunday. He will be preaching from Romans 1:8-15 about Pursuing Grace-Filled Growth. Sean and his family are from Jamaica and are hoping to be part of a team to plant a church back […]

Food for Thought, 4.18.17

Death is Dead, Christ has Conquered: “The resurrection doesn’t just wrap up the story; it fulfills it. Good Friday is no good at all without Easter Sunday.” Eric McElvenny Delivers Inspiring Message During Good Friday Breakfast: “Twenty-two months after having his leg amputated, McElvenny completed the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. “I didn’t get through this challenge, […]

Sunday Review, 4.16.17

Many of you may have been out of town over the weekend, visiting your families. If so, you missed great times of worship on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday! Whether you were there in person or not, you can review what was shared during our times together by checking out the following links: WORSHIP GATHERINGS […]