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Food for Thought, 06.26.18

Aging in Hope!: The hope of the resurrection lies at the heart of the way in which Christians embody the practices of growing old. Specific Ways You Can Pray for Your Pastor Baptism & The Lord’s Supper Explained: There are two questions that will help Christians understand baptism and the Lord’s Supper: what is the gospel, and […]

Food for Thought, 05.01.18

Better Together: “It is clear that men and women need each other if they are to accomplish the task God gave humanity to fill and subdue the earth, bringing glory to God in the process.” You Were Made to Play: “Productivity loses its power when we lose the ability to play. We’ve become too narrow to […]

Food for Thought, 04.24.18

Great thoughts for your Tuesday afternoon! Spring Sports and Sunday Church: “Five suggestions for parents” Don Whitney on Family Worship: “What advice would you give a young couple struggling with family worship?” You Never Outgrow the Gospel: “…Jerry Bridges tells the story of his coming to realize the relevance of the gospel for his own […]

Food for Thought, 04.17.18

Check out these articles from around the web! Why You Have That Thorn: “This is the reason we have our thorns. They are weakeners that strengthen us. Without them, we would choose a weaker strength and miss experiencing the glory of God’s powerful grace and realize lesser joys as a result.” How can parents have a […]

Food for Thought, 04.10.18

Great articles for your week, from around the web! How to Be a Better Boaster: Know that this is satire as you begin reading it, but then see if there are ways that you may be tempted to do these very things. Who Causes Your Suffering?: “When suffering comes to us, we naturally — instinctively — want […]

Food for Thought, 04.04.18

Children Need a Crisis of Faith: “It was on the troubled sea, not on the tranquil sea, where the disciples began to grasp what faith really means.” Train Up Your Children…But Remember, It’s God Who Saves Them: “He can save our children and desires to save them far far more than we do, and he is not […]

Food for Thought, 03.20.18

Happy Spring! We’ve got some great articles from around the web for your encouragement and growth. How Do We Encourage Our Children to See the Church as Valuable?: “It bears saying that a lot of children – even those who are believers – will go through phases of kicking against the goads. If we really want […]

Food for Thought, 03.13.18

Several articles from around the web for you this week! 5 Tips for Engaging with Scripture: To love the Lord with all our strength, we must actively engage with Scripture—asking questions, learning contexts, making connections, and reflecting on personal applications of the text. The story of work – and why it’s so complicated for women: “For most […]

Food for Thought, 02.27.18

Articles from around the web for your week! 3 Ways to Disciple Our Children in an Age of Confusion: “The culture is speaking loud and clear. We must be louder and clearer. Three ways we can do this well is to tell, tune in, and talk” The Difference Between Guilt and Shame: “Though Guilt and Shame are […]

Food for Thought, 02.14.18

The elderly, raising boys and an example of true love on Valentine’s Day– check them out below! The Benefits of Listening to the Elderly: “Why might the Lord, in his grace, cause the aged to repeat themselves as they do? What is the Lord showing us through it?” How to Teach Boys to Respect Women: “Every Christian […]