This fall, we will be preaching a series of sermons through the book of Daniel. We’ve chosen this book because of two of its primary themes…

  • 1. God’s Sovereignty: We are about to enter a contentious election season. The book of Daniel is one that covers the rise and fall of several kings and kingdoms. Throughout, it emphasizes the sovereignty of God and the fact that He is the one to whom kings answer, and that He is the one who makes kingdoms rise and fall. It will be a helpful book to ground us in the truth that the Lord is always in charge, no matter which human leaders may be in office.
  • 2. Christ’s Return: With the coronavirus continuing to affect our society and the entire world, it will be helpful to learn from the apocalyptic/prophetic portions of the book of Daniel. God gave Daniel insights into what would take place at the end of time. We do not intend to flesh out every detail of every prophecy that is given in this book; but we do intend to let Daniel’s prophecies point us to the most important end-times truths–that Christ is returning, and that His kingdom will never end!

If you’d like to learn more about Daniel, you can check out this video from the folks at the Bible Project: