Missions Matters

“Missions Matters” will provide you with a chance to learn more about Why and How CCC does missions as it focuses on planting churches among those who have never heard the gospel in a way that is clear, true and faithful to the biblical narrative.
We’re inviting anyone who wants to learn more about missions and how they can be involved as someone who is sent from the church or who wants to support those who are being sent. Particularly if you are a young person/adult – Junior High, High School, College-aged – who wants to learn about how we send our missionaries, this is s chance to learn and have some of your questions answered.
We will be hosting Chris Jones and the “Cal and Mallory South” as they speak about their journeys in discovering missions, getting training, and working in the field to plant a new church among an unreached people group.

As with all indoor church events right now, participants will be asked to wear masks and socially distance.