“If the tree must be bent, it must be done when it is young and tender, and with a very gentle, easy hand, for the spirit is not to be broken but bowed.” -Matthew Henry

While we believe that parents have the primary responsibility of teaching their children to follow Jesus, we also believe that the entire church family has a responsibility to join them in that work! So as a church, we try to invest directly in children through the following means:

Sunday Mornings: As with every other age group, we view the weekly worship gathering of our church as being vitally important for the health of children’s souls. As young as possible, we encourage parents to have their children be present and engaged in these gatherings. Toward that end, during our weekly worship service, we have nurseries for the very youngest of children (two year olds and down) for the entirety of the service, but those who are three years old and up participate in the worship service with their families. At about the midway point of the service, just before the sermon, children up through fourth grade are able to be dismissed to a teaching and activity time that is more geared toward their age group. This is not a requirement for all children or their families, but it provides children with a chance to connect with their peers and to be taught in an environment geared directly toward children. (Note: Fifth and sixth graders are able to serve in younger children’s rooms once a month during the service as a volunteer helper, to help them learn the value of serving within the church.)

Wednesday Evening Groups: During the school year, on Wednesday evenings at 6:30, we have age-graded groups that meet. These groups are currently using a curriculum called New City Catechism, which teaches children key doctrines through a system of questions and answers. During the evening, the children are on a rotation schedule that entails large-group and small-group time, a game, and an opportunity to hear the Bible story specifically geared toward their age. In addition to the evening, the children are given opportunities to imprint the Word of God on their hearts by memorizing Big Idea Truths and Bible verses week-to-week.

Events: Over the course of any given year, we have events that are geared toward children and families. Examples include: the church picnic, Vacation Bible School, Date/Movie Night, Wednesdays at the Park, Build Your Own Sundae, and various holiday parties and celebrations.

If you are new to CCC and have children, you might be wondering where/how you check them in for their class and what safety precautions are in place for your children. Please visit our Child Check-In and Safety page to learn about that and other important things that will help you get a clearer picture of what to expect when you arrive!

Classroom Map:

Jordan Weddle
Director of Children’s Ministry