Food for Thought, 01.09.18

Here’s some great new articles as you start your way through this new year!

How to Help Your Children Read the Bible: “Earnest Christian parents want to help their children learn to read, understand, and love the Bible, but few know how. Here are eight ways to start.”

How Will You Use Your Gifts in the New Year?: “As each of us has gifts (and we do!) let us use them to serve each other.”

Don’t Be Yourself: “Ever since the fall, being yourself is the opposite of what God desires. Since the fall, our authentic selves are unsurpassed in self-absorption; they hate God by refusing to treasure him above all things. Therefore, the authentic you is worthy of death.”

Those We’ve Lost in 2017: “Here are six men who died this year who were particularly influential on those of us here at TGC.”

Devotional Resources for Children: “As Christian parents, it’s our great desire that our children come to know the Lord. For them to know the Lord, they need to learn to encounter Him in His Word and to speak to Him in prayer. Today I want to tell you about a few resources that are available to Christian parents, to help our children begin that all-important habit.”

Sabbath as a Sermon for the Ambitious: “But if in all our ambition we forget to rest, we’ll miss an unparalleled opportunity to preach the gospel to ourselves and to those around us.”

Honor Your Grandchildren’s Father and Mother: “Though we want to be resources in the discipleship of our grandkids, we must not try to do the parents’ job for them. Grandmothers are to be a help, not a hindrance — and not running interference. God has called the parents to raise up their own children in the Lord, and our role as grandmothers is to be a support in all their efforts. Even (and especially) when we might disagree with how they are doing it. And we will.”

How Can Parents Avoid Treating Their Kids Like Projects?: A very short but helpful video from Jen Wilkin