Food for Thought, 02.27.18

Articles from around the web for your week!

3 Ways to Disciple Our Children in an Age of Confusion: “The culture is speaking loud and clear. We must be louder and clearer. Three ways we can do this well is to tell, tune in, and talk”

The Difference Between Guilt and Shame: “Though Guilt and Shame are twins, born in the garden, only moments apart, they aren’t identical.”

The Slow Miracle of the Lord’s Day: “God’s intention was to bless his people through the constant and conscientious observation of the [Sabbath], week after week and year after year. Believers are sanctified through a lifetime of Sabbath observance. In other words, the Sabbath is designed to work slowly, quietly, seemingly imperceptively in reorienting believers’ appetites heavenward. It is not a quick fix, nor is it necessarily a spiritual high. It is an ‘outward and ordinary’ ordinance, part of the steady and healthy diet of the means of grace.”