Food for Thought, 03.13.18

Several articles from around the web for you this week!

5 Tips for Engaging with Scripture: To love the Lord with all our strength, we must actively engage with Scripture—asking questions, learning contexts, making connections, and reflecting on personal applications of the text.

The story of work – and why it’s so complicated for women: “For most of human history, mere survival required all hands on deck. But something changed in the last three centuries that makes us think that our modern experience of work has been the norm throughout time. If we don’t know the story of work, we could not only misunderstand our own times and culture, but we also could potentially read our current experience into the Scriptures.”

The Most Important Time to Go to Church: “Covenants are made for the hard times, not the good times.”

4 Things to Tell Yourself When Your Anxiety is Overwhelming: “These are some of the things you say to your soul when you are afflicted with anxiety. And, with each one, you are not placing your hope in some pie-in-the-sky platitude. Instead, you are beating back those worries with a truth greater than your circumstances – that of the love, care, and power of Jesus Christ.”

The Spread of the Gospel: A cool time lapse video of the spread of the gospel!

Matt Chandler on Cultivating a Healthy Marriage: Some good, practical ideas.