Food for Thought, 03.20.18

Happy Spring! We’ve got some great articles from around the web for your encouragement and growth.

How Do We Encourage Our Children to See the Church as Valuable?: “It bears saying that a lot of children – even those who are believers – will go through phases of kicking against the goads. If we really want them to see the church as important, how we respond to such episodes is key.”

The Ministry of Advocacy: “Advocacy is different than encouragement. Encouragement is something you do to the person—building them up and strengthening them with your words. Advocacy is something you do for them in relation to others.”

Trials, Our Blessed Chauffeurs: “I wonder how your life might change if you adopted this subtle shift in your thinking. Instead of thinking the medical, physical, spiritual, or personal conflicts you are enduring are a sign of God’s displeasure, what if they were meant to show you the sufficiency, beauty, and kindness of God?”

Cultivating Praise in Marriage: “In marriage, let us encourage each other daily and not wait until the eulogy—where it brings no blessing to the deceased. Let us commit to building up and encouraging each other today.”

God, Why Won’t You Fulfill Our Desire for Children?: “It’s puzzling to mourn the loss of something that doesn’t happen…to grieve the loss of an unrealized future is different.”