Food for Thought, 04.04.18

Children Need a Crisis of Faith: “It was on the troubled sea, not on the tranquil sea, where the disciples began to grasp what faith really means.”

Train Up Your Children…But Remember, It’s God Who Saves Them: “He can save our children and desires to save them far far more than we do, and he is not limited by our weaknesses, sins and failures in parenting. So do your best to train up your children, but trust in the Lord to save them.”

Special Needs Kids Don’t Need Special Parents: “In spite of our glaring inadequacy and lack, God will do what only a supernatural God can do. He is God. We are not. It is his responsibility to assign, transform, provide, and deliver. Faithfulness is our job. Fruitfulness is his.”

God at Work – Whitney Wheeler: “After a tragic accident, her family thought they buried her…5 weeks later, they were reunited.”

God At Work – Whitney Wheeler from Harvest Bible Chapel, Granger on Vimeo.