Food for Thought 1.11.19

Here are a few links that we’d recommend you check out, compiled from around the internet in recent days:

From Seminary President to NFL Head Coach: For all the sports fans out there, you will find this to be an interesting and encouraging read about the Colts’ head coach, Frank Reich.

May His Cancer Heal Millions: The Grandeur and Grief in Losing Tyler: This is a moving story about a young man named Tyler Trent, from Indianapolis, who recently died–written by his pastor.

Some Hope for Disciplining Children: “Just like this verse (misinterpreted) doesn’t guarantee our kids will return to the faith if we are faithful, it also doesn’t mean that they’ll never come to the Lord if we aren’t faithful. God is sovereign. God is supreme. Let’s obey him and trust him with our children.”

How Discernment is Like Thrifting: from former CCC’er, Hannah Anderson: “Because we can’t custom order our lives, we must become people who can spot goodness wherever and whenever we encounter it.”