Food For Thought 1.25.19

Here are a few links that we’d recommend you check out, compiled from around the internet in recent days:

Recovering From the Most Depressing Day of the Year: “How do Christians recover, survive, and pursue the light in a time of year that is indeed drab, dreary, and blue?”

Four Questions That Transform Dinner Into Discipleship: What was your high today? What was your low today? What mistake did you make today? Where did you see Jesus today?

A Graveyard is a Good Place to Make Big Decisions: “I was reminded, despite the fact that I was, at the time, a young man in the whirl of the prime of my career, that I was just a dying creature, who would one day be forgotten, along with all my big plans and my fears and anxieties. At that moment, the thought of my mortality didn’t leave me with a sense of futility or dread. The thought was strangely liberating, freeing me, if just for a second, to reflect on what really matters—to give thanks to God for giving me a gospel to believe and people to love.”

Four Essential Elements of Evangelism: “Whether you have been a Christian for a few months or a few years, Jesus Christ calls you, through His Word, to practice evangelism for His glory, your neighbor’s salvation, and your joy.”