Food for Thought, 10.11.2019

Below are some links we’d recommend that you peruse, which we think could be of help in stirring your thoughts as a follower of Christ.

The Servers and Servicers in Every Church: Tim Challies explains two categories of believers — those who feel most near to God while serving and those who feel most near to Him while participating in a worship service. You’ll find this helpful in understanding those different from yourself, and in challenging yourself to become a little more like them.

How Missionaries Want (and Need) You to Pray for Them: a helpful post with some categories that would be profitable to pray through for our missionaries (or others you may know or support)

When Trusting Your Husband Means Trusting in God: “For married ladies, our husbands are wonderful gifts to us, but we should never put them in the place of God or expect them to do what only God can do, or be who only God is.”

Just Put Your Phone Away: While this should never be a law for believers, there is wisdom to consider in this article about the ways that having our phones out during worship may have adverse effects.