Food for Thought, 10.23.18

Some great articles from around the web!

Young Christian: Give the Lord a Lot to Work With: “The teens and twenties—these are years that can be put to very good use or that can be squandered. These are years that can form the firm foundation of a life well-lived or the unsteady foundation of a life tragically wasted.”

What I’m Learning About Parenting Teenagers: “Your consistency and persistence in the younger years will pay huge dividends in the teenage years.”

Eight Ways Satan Tempts You to Question Your Salvation: “As Christians we believe that Satan exists. While he is not equal in authority and power to God, and is a finite created being, he is still very powerful. Join me as I talk about some of the ways Satan tempts us to doubt our salvation.”

A Word to the Older Men: “Old men. We need you. And we need you to live your life in such a way that evokes admiration and respect. You don’t have to be a great orator. You don’t have to write books on theology. We just need you to be godly. That is your calling, and it should be the aspiration of every man. Set the pace for us. Your family, church, and community need this from you more than anything else.”