Food for Thought, 10.24.17

This week’s articles are up!

The Unique Gospel Power of a Spouse: “Yet, it is in this terrifyingly dark insecurity where I feel my wife’s intimacy with my shortcoming that a uniquely powerful gospel opportunity is born. It is because of this intimacy she has with my wickedness that gives her the ability to speak the news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus into my life unlike anyone else.”

4 Ways to Display the Gospel As a Public School Teacher: “No matter the type of community you live in, there are Christ-followers in the public school. We need your prayers and encouragement every day, especially in this confusing culture. We can’t do any of these things on our own. It’s only by God’s grace and power that we can know and live for him.”

Joy at the Table: “Whatever our station in life, the Lord’s Table announces the Good News that we must neither wait for our victory nor wane in our defeats.”

4 Myths that College Students from Joining a Church: “Do you want to faithfully follow Christ during your college years? Then join a church.”

Worship Already in Progress: “I’m struck by the reality that what we’re a part of each week as believers in the western world is a worship gathering not of our own creation, but rather, the next bit in a worship service that’s already in progress.”