Food for Thought, 11.14.17

We Never Serve Alone: “Moms serving families, bible study teachers preparing their lesson, counselors reviewing notes, adult sons and daughters caring for elderly parents, friends sitting with a hurting person, employees preparing for a tough meeting with antagonistic bosses. So many scenarios for loving service that have at least one significant thing in common: JESUS in the room with us.”

Do You Sleep Less Than Jesus?: “Sleeping to the glory of God is not simply maximizing it or minimizing it.”

“True Feelings” by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre: A new book review

Update from Puerto Rico: “…please pray for provision and protection, as well as opportunities for the gospel to go forth in the midst of this trial.”

How to Talk to Your Children About Sex: Jen Wilkin, Sam Allberry and Jason Cook consider how parents should instruct their kids about sexuality.