Food for Thought, 12.05.17

Check out these articles below from around the web!

What If God Takes It All Away: “Your intense season of need may be the greatest gift of grace that God has given you for his eternal purposes.”

How to Become a Christian: A Letter to Teenagers in Good Churches: “Deciding to get on board with Jesus is a simple decision, but it’s also a major one with some crazy implications.”

3 Ways to Love Women Without Children in Your Church: “I am thankful for the mothers at my church and all that I have learned from them. One thing I’ve learned is that women without children need relationships with those with children. As one who does not have children, I hope to equip moms to love those who are not moms. Here are three ways to love women, like me, without children in your church.”

Learning the Language of Lament (Part One): Part one of a series to come.

Are You “Struggling” With Sin?: “‘Struggling’ is good biblical language. We’re all either struggling with sin or surrendering to it. But we should use the language the way the Bible does. Instead we want all too often to use spiritual language for carnal ends. We should resist such temptation.”