Food For Thought, 2.8.19

Here are a few new links from around the internet that we think you may find helpful to check out:

Real Calvinists Pray:
“When we understand Calvinism in our hearts, and not just our minds, we’ll find ourselves humbly drawing near the throne of grace in our times of need.”

Three Characteristics of a Life-Giving Leader:
1. A life-giving leader is motivated by a desire to please God.
2. A life-giving leader’s private and public lives match up.
3. A life-giving leader faithfully perseveres in the midst of suffering.

The Value of Being Blunt:
“What we want to see in others, and have in ourselves, is a kind of wholeness that can be blunt and forceful and corrective when necessary, but that also has a peaceful pattern of encouragement and affirmation and kindness.”

Can We Trust the Gospels? Yes, We Can:
A good complement to Dr. D.A. Carson’s talk that he gave on Wednesday evening at CCC