Food For Thought, 3.22.19

Each week we try to share articles and videos to help encourage you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ!

The Most Overlooked Mission Field in America 

“The most common practiced religion in America today is a generic theism that mingles biblical concepts with a hope that one is a good person—all while maintaining autonomy over personal decisions and lifestyle.”

‘Brother’ Is More Than a Title 

“What would happen in your church, or in mine, if we truly overtook the superficial nod to family we often hold, and actually embraced what it means to be brothers and sisters in Christ?”

How Can I Pray For My Children

“We want them to be regenerated—to be born again—but we are unable to do that in our own power, for only the Holy Spirit has the sovereign grace and power to save our children.”

Why Christians Should Think About Death