Food For Thought, 3.29.19

Each week we try to share articles and videos to help encourage you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ!

Gospel Coalition Conference next week in Indianapolis

Many CCC’ers are headed to this conference next week. We believe you should be able to live stream the main sessions. So check back to their site on Monday to check it out!

Jesus Did Not Pray Just to Set an Example

“If even Jesus needed to pray, what does that say of us, his younger, non-divine siblings? How arrogant must we be to think we can survive without prayer?”

Waiting On Jesus

” Have you found yourself walking through seasons of great anticipation only to end up crawling through disappointment? Maybe you are in the middle of something like this now, waiting on the Lord but severely tempted to give up.”

You Can Doubt and Have Faith Without Exploding

“When I investigate I open myself up to the possibility of finding evidence that points away from Christian faith. But I think it is risky and even, in some ways, riskier to ignore our doubts. And here’s the good news: the Christian faith rests on a sure foundation of compelling evidence.”