Food For Thought, 5.17.19

Each week we try to share articles and videos to help encourage you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ!

Paul Martin on Family Worship
“I would recommend starting doing something small, even just a few verses and a prayer. We tend to overestimate what we need to do in the immediate and underestimate what a little bit of faithfulness can do over the long haul.”

A Better Mom is a Broken Mom
“Moms, everything within you will tell you that you need certain ‘gains’ to get through your day, to be a better parent for your children. The world will tell you that brokenness means failure. But there’s only one gain that truly satisfies and betters our hearts both now and for eternity, and it comes from such brokenness: the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord. And it only comes through brokenness.”

For the Freshman of Tomorrow
“So, you have much to look forward to in the days ahead. May it be more Christ-filled than anything you’ve experienced yet, and may many know his glory through you.”