Food for Thought, 5.23.17

A great variety of helpful articles for your Tuesday reading!

Parenting is Discipleship: “Parenting is the task of making disciples. Parenting is the task of discipling disciples.”

5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children: “Through my years of working with kids, five guiding principles helped me as a counselor, teacher, and especially as a mom. While not all methods work for all children, I’ve found these principles work for a variety of children, regardless of their age, sex, or disposition.”

Q&A: How Do We Ask for Help When Living with Mental Illness?

On Your Knees: Missions Work Thousands of Miles Away: “Powerful preaching and fruitful ministry on the mission field depend on the prayers of God’s people.”

Don’t Hide Those Gray Hairs: “When it comes to getting older, our culture offers three options: delay, disguise, or despise.”